Your Privacy: Data Collection, Cache and Cookies

IronGlove Studio takes your privacy seriously, as we take our own seriously. From how client records are handled and stored, to how our website interacts with you, everything is secure, clean and transparent. That's why we're going to tell you what's going on without any fancy legal jargon.

We value your patronage far more than your data.

We are based in the United States and occassionally conduct busines with EU members. Our site is split between a PHP landing page and a WordPress blog, and we provide notices that cookies are in use on both platforms, linked with caching and general site statistics. Matomo, our analytics collection tool, has been configured for GDPR compliance using non-identifiable data collection. This means we collect only general data on usage patterns to make sound business decisions, and this data will be purged every 12 months. Our geolocation tools used with Matomo provide a general location in a country based on a cross-referenced database linked to partial IP addresses, so we have a rough idea where traffic is coming from. Our site allows you to opt-out of non-essential Matomo cookies.

Our GDPR-compliant host, Siteground, implements static, dynamic, and Cloudflare caching for our content to ensure it's delivered to your browser as fast as possible with the help of essential cookies to determine which content needs to be refreshed or delivered. We don't use any chat scripts, user behavior recording scripts, or anything that doesn't have a natural and positive function for user benefit. WordPress uses dynamic caching, while the main page uses static caching and Cloudflare for speed and security.

Siteground maintains it's own server logs in case of an attack, and we also use Wordfence to enhance our security.  We have various calls to CDNs (content delivery networks) temporarily until our site is fully updated, and these resources are external stylsheets and Google fonts. However, we do not use Google Analytics.  Internal email is securely routed via Protonmail business services and our client data is safe and secure both physically and in the Cloud using SpiderOak and high-levels of encryption with physical encryption keys.

We're not playing around with your safety or ours.

If you have any questions or concerns about our methods or data, please don't hesitate to contact us.