Frequently asked questions

If you’re new to IronGlove Studio and are looking to do business with us, this is a good starting point.  These frequently asked questions are some of the most common that we receive.  This page will be updated regularly when new questions are asked that may benefit prospective clients and service partners.


New to IronGlove Studio?

  • What is IronGlove Studio?

    IronGlove Studio is a small business consulting and web development agency, owned and operated by professional freelancer Derek Neuts, MS, geared to helping owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses to reach operational goals through strategic planning and web technologies.

    We also provide professional-level development services and high-level SEO optimizations to other agencies, such as marketing and business consulting firms that need professional developers to complete client work.  In addition to this, we can also partner with complimentary service providers, such as web designers, to provide professional front and back-end development services for their clients.

  • What services do you offer?

    We provide business consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as develop static, dynamic, framework-based, and content-management system (CMS) based websites for private clients, agencies who need such services, and complimentary service providers.

  • Is the work performed by you, or contracted out?

    All work is performed in-house, unless there’s a specialization that we don’t have in-house for your specific project.  If that’s the case, we’ll discuss this with you as part of the planning process and source the work locally here in Oregon.

  • If you subcontract, do you use overseas sources?

    Absolutely not, we'll look locally here in Oregon, then Washington, and do a regional search to include skilled contractors in California, if need be.

  • Where are you located, and how do we collaborate?

    We operate in Oregon from the Gresham area.  We collaborate with clients in person (if local), via telephone, email, video conference, Slack… the list is endless.  We work remotely for you and meet in person, as needed.

Project Costs and Billing

  • What are your prices?

    There are no prices, or price-lists, for that matter.  The cost of a project will depend on the project and its requirements.  IronGlove Studio does both small business consulting and website development, and those services go hand-in-hand.

    If you're an agency or a complimentary service provider, then those rates are more clear-cut, as you have specific work that needs to be performed.  Contact us for details.

  • Do you upsell services?

    We don’t upsell anything. We’re not a traditional web development company, nor do we follow sales strategies of mainstream developers. There are no gimmicks or hidden costs. Our only concern is your small business needs and retaining you as a long-term client through the services we provide to you that are essential for your success.

  • Do you charge on a project or hourly basis?

    We rarely bill on a per project basis, as we’re not a “quick turnover” business, plus we do consulting, and that’s never billed on a project basis.  We don’t slap together websites as quickly as possible while compromising quality.  However, we can work quickly on a project once we understand your needs and get it done within a reasonable timeframe, and get it done right… the first time.

  • What are your hourly rates?

    Our professional rates vary bewteen $30/hr and $45/hr, which are modest market rates, depending upon client classification, programming, and consultation tasks.  We are not the highest, nor are we the lowest, but those rates are non-negotiable.  As discussed in a prior blog post, professional rates are in exchange for technical expertise, not sneakers.

  • How do your project costs compare?

    It’s not about cost, but about solutions and the long-term relationship we form in the process.  We’re not trying to compare to anything or anyone, we’re solely here to provide expert-level services to your business.  Our market rates are average standard rates for the work performed.  We’re realistic about expectations and your needs, not taking unnecessary funds out of your budget.

Onboarding and Timelines

  • What does the onboarding process look like?

    IronGlove Studio is first and foremost a consulting and website development business, so this is not a “quick turnover” agency.  We don’t build websites without a plan, and we’re interested in a close relationship with your operation.  With that in mind, you’ll contact us through our online form, by email, phone, or one of our social networks (like LinkedIn), and then we’ll begin an exploratory conversation.  We may send you a link to an onboarding questionnaire (if needed) and use that feedback for a series of meetings that will allow us to understand your needs,  and then we’ll provide you with a proposal at the end of our talks based on what we’ve learned, your needs, and best practices for your particular situation. Once you electronically sign the proposal and provide the agreed-upon retainer, we can get started on your project.  This may take a few week to a month, but it’s not something that’s taken lightly if you want your plan to actually work.

  • How closely will you work with us, and are you responsive?

    We're providing professional level services to you with experience, so rest assured that we're understanding and responsive to your needs.  We value the relationships with our clients, so we're about quality over quantity.  We'd like for you to think of us as a partner in a way, because we're invested in making sure you're doing well.  This also applies to agencies and complimentary service providers, because your clients' needs are important, too.

  • Are there phases to projects or work performed?

    It really depends on your project.  If it makes it easier to compartmentalize the work as we go, whether for logistics or budget, then we'll certainly do that for you.  Or, if you're "all in" then we can write up an agreement to go from start to finish.  It's entirely up to you.

  • How long will my project take?
    That depends on your project. We can give approximate estimations of time for collaboration and construction, but the actual timeframe is dependent on a number of factors, including such things as: unexpected circumstances, additional requests or revisions, changes in critical technology during construction, and testing phases.
  • Are wireframes and mockups required?

    We prefer to use them, as they cut down on the development time if everyone can agree on a course of action. You’re not obligated to use them, but it may be far more costly for you not to, as we’ll have to build actual models instead of using quick design elements to collaborate on concepts.  If you're a visual learner, this will be very useful for you.

For Marketing and Social Media Managers

  • What type of work do you do for commercial agencies?

    The same work we perform for our private individuals and small businesses. For example, we can perform ground-up WordPress builds or use a visual framework, or create a dynamic PHP-based site that is non-WordPress based. Not everything has to be WordPress, after all. We also fix/rescue sites that were neglected or poorly constructed by amateur developers, as well as optimize sites for SEO and SEM so that marketers have a semantically and contextually sound webpage to work with.  Just let us know what you need!

  • Can we subcontract you for client work?

    We’d be happy to take a look at your project and see if it’s a good fit for us, along with it’s production and delivery schedule.  We just want to ensure that anything we touch is done to standards and properly represents all parties involved.

  • What are your rates for subcontract work?

    Our preference is to maintain the integrity of our hourly rates, but your client may already be locked into a project price structure with you. Contact us and we’ll see what we can work out.

  • Can you handle SEO integrations?

    We can implement plugin methods and hard-code meta-information into the client’s project, as well as set up both WordPress and traditional sites with pre-advertising markup to prepare your clients for success.

  • Are you able to convert a site for SEO?

    We can clean up the code and ensure everything is semantically correct, minified, and technically proficient from a front and back-end perspective to increase your client’s online presence.  We can also ensure that proper statistical and tracking tools are installed, if needed.

For Web Designers, Artists, and Complimentary Providers

  • What services do you offer for designers?

    We can provide technical project management, front-end construction, back-end development, server setups for deployment, and general technical services.  We integrate with your business for the sake of your client and act as a member of your development team.

  • What about attribution? How does that work?

    If we work on your project in a development capacity for front or back-end, then it's our policy to share in the accomplishment.  We'll add your project to our gallery if it meets our requirements and share the credit with you.

  • Do you offer WordPress services for me?

    We're very good at WordPress, whether it's a visual builder like Divi or Visual Composer, or a build from scratch, we can handle that for you.  All sites will be user-friendly, SEO compatible, and customized for your client.

  • What about rescues, troubleshoots, and maintenance?

    We can contract with you to provide website rescues and troubleshooting, as well as check up on your client sites once a month for routine maintenance.  Contact us for details.

  • If I provide you with a design, wireframe, or mockup, can you build it?

    Absolutely, we can build your site design using traditional methods or WordPress in a number of flavors.